Solar Heating

Do you want the most environmentally conscious heating and hot water options you can find? Solar hot water panels collect the heat from the sun even if it is cloudy and cold. This heat can be stored for later use or supplemented to provide heat throughout the night. These systems can be supplemented with geothermal, natural gas furnaces or boilers, or electricity to meet your needs. 

If you are interested in going green then let’s talk. Try not to get too hooked on one product or type of system. Each building, each location, and every need is different. It is important to research all sides of a project BEFORE committing to something. For instance, if someone just planted aspens on the south side of their house to shade it during the summer but also let the sun in during the winter, they may not wish to cut down those same aspens in a couple of years when they start to block their new solar panels. This and many other scenarios need to be talked through before any commitments are made. 

We love the challenge of a custom design. We can even create new one-of-a-kind systems to match your unique needs.