Heating and Furnaces

Whether you need a new furnace or just have your old one serviced then just give us a call. We service all makes and models of residential furnaces. We will never try to scare you into buying a new furnace just because something broke on your old one. We can fix any furnace that does not have a cracked heat exchanger. BEWARE a cracked heat exchanger is a BAD thing. However, many lesser contractors will “condemn” furnaces CLAIMING a bad heat exchanger (that isn’t really cracked) in order to rush you into paying too much for a new furnace that you don’t need. If someone tells you that you have a cracked heat exchanger it is always a good idea to get a second opinion. 

We usually recommend installing a new furnaces if one of two conditions exists. Condition One: You wish to improve efficiency and are willing to wait a couple of years for the new furnace to pay for itself. Condition Two: Your old furnace is going through parts often enough to make you worry about reliability. 

Rheem is our furnace manufacturer of choice. Feel free to visit their website at http://www.rheem.com/ They have a large selection of furnaces to meet the needs of most of our clients. We find them to be extremely reliable, and easy to work on with competitive prices for replacement parts. 

For the greatest efficiency available we recommend the Rheem “Modulating” furnaces. Their ability to adjust the burners to provide only the necessary heat output means that they use less gas to heat your house. They are the only truly modulating furnaces available today. Unfortunately due to some technicalities they do not qualify for the federal tax credit of 30%. If that tax credit is a strong selling point for you then we recommend the Rheem 95% two-stage furnaces. These furnaces do get the tax credit and are the next best thing to Rheem’s modulating line. 

If price point is your biggest concern then we defer to Goodman brand furnaces http://www.goodmanmfg.com/. They make an inexpensive product that rivals far more expensive ones for both reliability and efficiency. We can often install a Goodman 80% furnace for less than $2500.