Heat Pumps

Yes! We service Heat Pumps! Many contractors shy away from heat pumps, but we actually service them. We also install heat pumps for those reliant upon electric heat or for those wanting a dual-fuel option to save on utility bills. 

Heat pumps are VERY similar to air conditioners. There are only a few differences between the two. Basically, a heat pump includes more internal piping and a “reversing valve.” The reversing valve simply reverses the flow of refrigerant in the system. By reversing the refrigerant flow makes the indoor coil hot and the outdoor coil cold. Using this valve, the heat pump can work like an air conditioner, cooling the house; or reverse the flow of refrigerant and heat the house! 

Heat pumps cool just as well as any air conditioner and they can heat too. They heat most efficiently in mild to cool conditions. When it gets cold outside (well below freezing) they lose efficiency. Furnaces are most efficient when it is cold outside and tend to lose efficiency when it is cool to mild. 

At TCR Mechanical, we recommend dual-fuel systems to anyone wanting to save dramatically on their heating bills. By using a heat pump when it is most efficient and then using a furnace when it gets too cold, you can get the best of both worlds!